Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cognitive flooding.

Studying Moral Epistemology can be mentally draining. That's why we invented day dreaming:

It is you
yes, very much you
and it is me.

Rock and roll, yes, roll
thick rock, raw, unending roll.
Oceans roll.

Slide up spines
where solace lies,
tumble in deepest pits

Tainted with mud, perhaps. Or salt. Sea salt.
The kind that flushes out wounds
and harbors jelly fish.
Oceans roll.

lush like cotton candy
or Victorian extravagance, suffocating

Grooves of palms
carve ribs
sweet, raw.

Hold me paralyzed
with your fingertips
like puppet strings
like fire.
like ice.

Melt into me
roll through me.
Oceans roll.

I am your jellyfish.